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Title Instrumentation Year Duration WP Publisher Listen
As the lion, in our teargarten remembers the nenuphars of his Nile for 24 musicians (picc, altofl, ob, eh, bscl, bscl, contrabasscl, contrafg, contraforte, 2 hrn, picctrp, 2 trp, 2 tentrb, basstrb, tuba, cb, 2 perc) 2020 8'30'' 27/2-2020, 12.30, Brygga Kultursal, Halden (VinterRiss); Det Norske Blåseensemble dirigert av Christian Eggen.
Conserving the magnitude of uselessness for soprano, clarinet (contrabass clarinet), cello, guitar, percussion, piano and electronics 2010- 2019 25'
Wheels within wheels sound installation for 3D ambisonics sound 2018 endless May 2018, at Østre, Håkonshallen and Mariakirken, during the Bergen International Festival, as part of the concert series Mouvance. Wheels within wheels
The shoreless tide for carillon 2017 2'
Nuper rosarum flores for recorder, 3 fidels, 2 sopranos and tenor 2016- 2018 10' 29/5-2018, Håkonshallen, Bergen; Ensemble Currentes (first complete performance). NB Noter
Song of alibi for percussion with reinofon 2016 6'
Territorial behaviours for 3D ambisonic sound 2014 17'49'' 9/12-2014, 18.00, Lydgalleriet, Bergen; Electric Audio Unit.
Collideorscape for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello and celesta 2014 20' 2/5-2015, 20.00, Tårnsalen, KODE, Bergen (Avgarde); Polygon.
Don't feed the birds for 10 musicians and electronics (sopr/perc, vln, picc/fl, ob, clBb, fg, hrn, trp, tentrb, tuba, perc) 2013 15' 30/4-2017, 18.00, Høgskolen på Vestlandet, Kronstad, Bergen (Gjenlyd); Bit 20 conducted by Pierre-André Vallade.
Landscape with figures IIb for 17 musicians and electronics (fl/picc/bsfl, ob/eh, bscl, fg/cfg, hrn, trp, tentrb, 2perc, hrp, cel, midi-org, 2vln, vla, vcl, cb) 2013 32' 22/11-2013, 19.30, St Pauls Hall, Huddersfield (Huddersfield festival of contemporary music); Oslo Sinfonietta conducted by Christian Eggen. Sound by Cato Langnes. NB Noter
Landscape with figures IIa for 5 voices and electronics (SSMAA) 2013 45' 16/3-2014, 18.00, Tou Scene, Stavanger (Ny Musikk); Song Circus. NB Noter
Landscape with figures II for 5 voices, 17 musicians and electronics (SSMAA, fl/picc/bsfl, ob/eh, bscl, fg/cfg, hrn, trp, tentrb, 2perc, hrp, cel, midi-org, 2vln, vla, vcl, cb) 2013 90' 7/9-2013, 16.00, Dansens hus, Oslo(Ultima); Song Circus and Oslo Sinfonietta conducted by Christian Eggen. Sound by Notam, light design by Kyrre Heldal Karlsen. NB Noter Listen here
Landscape with figures I multichannel installation of 1233 fragments 2012 endless 22/10-24/10-2012, Studio A, Rokkans Hus, Bergen (Artistic Research Forum).
Psi for cello 2011 18'30'' 10/9-2011, 17.30,L'Abbaye de Royaumont (Asniéres-sur-Oise); Arne Deforce.
Murmurando for bass flute 2010 6' 13/4-2011, 12.00, Ny Musikks lokaler, Platousgate 18, Oslo: Bjørnar Habbestad. NB Noter
Aria for high soprano and electronics 2009- 2010 15' 18/6-2010, Esviken, Asker (Stillhetsfestivalen); Silje Aker Johnsen. NB Noter
Rituals III for 59 musicians (picc, altfl, bassfl, ob, eh, clEb, clBb, bscl, fg, cfg, 2hrn, 2trp, 2 tentrb, basstrb, 3perc, 20vln, 7vla, 6vcl, 5cb) 2001- 2002, 2009 11' 17/10-2002, Stavanger Konserthus (Nordisk komponistverksted); Stavanger Symfoniorkester dirigert av Zsolt Nagy ( shorter 2002 version). NB Noter
Pastorale for violin, oboe d'amore/baryton oboe, harp and guitar 2009 13' 28/3-2009, 16.00, Maison Communale de Plainpalais, Genève (Archipel); Ensemble Vortex. NB Noter
Gamelan terrains for 16 musicians (bsfl/picc,eh/ob, bscl/clEb, cfg/fg, hrn, trp, trb, 2 perc, hrp, cel, 2 vln, vla, vcl, cb) 2008 20' 26/5-2009, 19.30, Korskirken, Bergen (Nordiske impulser); premiered by Bit 20 conducted by Christian von Gehren. NB Noter
Landschaft for contralto, baryton, baryton oboe and bass clarinet 2008 7' 13/9-2008, L'Abbaye de Royaumont, Paris (Voix Nouvelles 2008); Ensemble Vortex and Neue Vocalsolisten conducted by Guillaume Bourgogne (alto, baryton, baryton oboe and bass clarinet). NB Noter
Duo for viola and contrabass 2007 7' 18/8-2008, Freiasalen, Freia Chocolate Factory, Oslo (Oslo Chamber Music Festival); Catherine Bullock and Dan Styffe conducted by Terje Viken.
Postheroic fanfares for 3 trombones and percussion 2007 3' 7/10-2011, 19.30, Logen, Bergen; FMKV conducted by Christian Lindberg. NB Noter
Mountain music for 20-note barrel organ 2007 10' 31.08.08 on Fløyen in Bergen in cooperation with Fløibanen and Hks. NB Noter
Pression for organ and electronics 2002, rev. 2007 10' 18/3-2007, 16.00, Bergen Domkirke (Borealisfestivalen); Tor Grønn. NB Noter
Leftovers for alto flute, bass clarinet and piano 2001, rev. 2006 2' 28/3-2009, 16.00, Bergen kunstmuseum Tårnsalen, Bergen (Borealisfestivalen); Ensemble Polygon. NB Noter
Circles for 26 musicians (bsfl/picc/fl, bscl/ebcl, eh/ob, fg/cfg, hrn, trp, tentrb, tuba, 2perc, cel, hrp, 8vln, 3vla, 2vcl, cb) 2005 12' 13/9-2006, Kultur und Kongresszentrum (KKL), Luzerner Saal, Luzern; Lucerne Festival Academy conducted by Pierre Boulez (group rehearsals with Ensemble Intercontemporain).
tReMbLiNg for 14 musicians (altfl, eh, bscl, hrn, trp, tentrb, perc, hrp, mezzosopr, 2vln, vla, vcl, cb) 2002- 2005 8'30'' 14/10-2006, 18.00, Universitetets Aula, Oslo (Ultima); complete version premiered by Ensemble Ernst conducted by Thomas Rimul. NB Noter
Lied for soprano and prepared piano 2005 6'30'' 4/6-2006, Landmark, Bergen; Silje Marie Aker Johnsen and Marte Gunnufsen. NB Noter
Intermezzi for 8 voices 2004 15'30'' NB Noter
Fluente for cello 2004 7' 21/3-2004, Usf Verftet, Bergen (Borealisfestivalen); Ulrike Brand. NB Noter
Grains for percussion, viola and harp 2003 12' 12/6-2004, Domkirken, Kristiansand (Kirkefestspillene); Bit20 conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky. NB Noter
Rituals II for 8 musicians (bsfl, bscl, trp, tentrb, perc, vln, vla,vcl) 2002, rev. 2003 2' August 2002, Domkirken, Bergen; Griegakademiets Sinfonietta conducted by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen. NB Noter
Rituals I for 19 musicians (bsfl/picc, eh, bscl, fg/cfg, hrn, trp, tentrb, basstrb, 2 perc, 4vln, 2vla, 2vcl, cb) 2000, rev. 2003 5'30'' Spring 2000, Gunnar Sævigs Sal, Bergen; Griegakademiets Sinfonietta conducted by Ricardo Odriozola. NB Noter
Contradiction for violin, bass clarinet and horn 2000 9' 14/12-2002, Centre Pompidou, Grande Salle, Paris (Tremplin); first complete performance, by Ensemble Intercontemporain (Jeanne- Marie Conquer, Alain Billard, Jean-Christophe Vervoitte). NB Noter
Miniatures III for violin and piano 2000 5'30'' 24/8-2000, Fløien Restaurant, Bergen (1. Bergen international chamber music festival); Sharleen Harshenin and James Clapperton. NB Noter
Speaking mountains for synthetic voices 2000 2' 20'' Installations by Tulle Ruth 2000; one sound on each of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.
Miniatures II for trombone and percussion 1999 5' 27/4-2003, Centre Pompidou, Grande Salle, Paris; Ensemble Intercontemporain (Jérôme Naulais and Samuel Favre). NB Noter
Miniatures I for recorder, guitar and tape 1999 6' 13/3-1999, Det Akademiske Kvarter, Speilsalen, Bergen; Jostein Gundersen and Sindre Sortland. NB Noter