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Kyrre Heldal Karlsen was the light designer of the concert, his idea was to connect lights to the spatialization of sound.


16 channels of audio pass through the main electronics setup. Soundscapes are played at the 8 channel outer ambisonics circle. Sound installation fragments and live electronics are distributed through both inner and outer circle, through the DBAP algorithm.1


Coordinates with amplitudes of 8 static and 45 moving sources were sent from my computer to the light crew. Amplitudes of sounds were scaled to a useful range controlling intensities of lights.


The light crew hung one spotlight from the roof for each speaker, pointed at the individual speakers. Smoke machines were used to make rays visible.


The microtonal organ and live musicians were not monitored. This called for some improvisation.


The speed of spatial movements and sound events from the electronics did, in my opinion, make this direct connection to light less obvious.

1 Developed by Trond Lossius.


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