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Trombone, contrabass and drilling sounds morphing

To form ensembles of instruments and everyday sounds in a literal sense, virtual ensembles can be created through chains of associations. I recorded a test of the civil defense sirens in Bergen, as one of the soundscapes. Fragments of trombone, strings and drills are usually inactive in the sound installation, and get triggered whenever the sound of these sirens are heard.


Manipulated tam-tam analysis was used as a pitch material, focused on the deep register of trombone and contrabass. The tam-tam chords form basis for pure transpositions, or morphing between 2 groups of sounds.


The dentist drill offers a piercing soprano range in this sound family. A jackhammer was first included as a bass of this drill ensemble, but it turned out too violent in the context, especially with resonant reverbs. Tam-tam sounds are included in both groups as a morphing option.

Potential morphological relations exist between the two groups, from the grainy quality of the strings and deep trombones, to the metallic hammering and friction of the drills.


Example 36: Trb Cb Drill Morph 11.


Example 37: Trb Cb Drill Morph 12.


Example 38: Trb Cb Drill Morph 30.


Example 39: Trb Cb Drill Morph 33.


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